Martial Arts Training Center


Current Instructors

Young Warriors

With us you have found a real martial art that is effective in any circumstance. You will be training in friendly and professional classes that will build your self esteem and self confidence. You will never again have to be afraid of bullies! The Academy of Ryukyu Kenpo is a safe place to study and to gain what you desire. The Instructors guide you through your learning with individual attention. Private lessons are incorporated into our training program; separating us from all the other systems. Soon you will be “one of the gang” and feel at home with many ‘new found’ friends, as you fulfil your dreams.

Your training will improve immensely as you learn how to use the traditional martial arts weapons. Quarterstaffs as well as various hand held implements will increase your hand -eye coordination as you become a “Ninja spy” or “Teenage Mutant Turtle”! Seriously, though, they will allow you the skills to use many common things as “improvised” tools for your safety and well-being.

Adult Self Defense

Please do understand, this is a REAL Martial Art, minus projectile weapons. In addition to healthy exercises, you will learn how to avoid or survive a violent confrontation! Our classes are held in our privately owned, brand new Dojo in Kfar Adumim. We teach no nonsense, street effective techniques that have a PROVEN track record; instead of modern sport techniques designed for sport competition. We teach contact sparring, and the old style Jujutsu like techniques that were banned by Judo (and nowadays by many Jujutsu systems) for when you are working with grounded opponents. Our head Instructor, J. D’veed Natan knows fighting. He was the United States Open Heavyweight Full Contact Champion in Bogu (Fighting Armor) Kumite for three years, then retired undefeated. By defeating contenders from any and all styles of fighting (including boxers) he knows that Bogu Kumite helps to prepare you, and teach you what you must know to win in a fight. However, the most valuable part of our training is learning the techniques of how to recognize a problem is developing, then how to preventing it from becoming violent.

Learn Traditional
and Improvised Weapons

Improve your self defense training immensely by learning how to use staves, bladed weapons, nunchaku, and many others, as well as how to make them exceptionally useful as every-day defensive tools!

Become an Unstoppable
Fighting Machine

Through diligent work with our professional instruction, and practicing full contact sparring with us, you will build an extremely conditioned physique with massively powerful strikes and agile movements.

Looking for space?

The Academy of Ryukyu Kenpo has a spacious hall with dressing room and facilities and that is available for hourly rental. Perfect for martial arts classes, group activities, seminars etc.